The mobile photo filtering and editing space has been predominantly occupied by the popular app, Instagram. It has come to dominate photo-editing both on iOS as well as Android devices. And ever since Facebook acquired the company, the social network also seems to be making encroaches into mobile photo editing.

The question is, is there room enough for yet another contender? Because Google seems to be gearing up to enter the ring. It has just concluded the purchase of ‘Nik Software’, which is the very company that created the popular Snapseed app for iOS.

With the acquisition of the company, Google is now in the position to enhance its imaging technologies across its numerous services. When Facebook acquired Instagram, it was quick to dish out ‘Facebook Camera’ as a stand-alone photo-sharing app. We can expect the search giant to go for a similar move, especially with its more than 200 million Google+ users.

The official note by Nik Software over the acquisition by Google reads,

“We are pleased to announce that Google has acquired Nik Software. For nearly 17 years, we’ve been guided by our motto, “photography first”, as we worked to build world class digital image editing tools. We’ve always aspired to share our passion for photography with everyone, and with Google’s support we hope to be able to help many millions more people create awesome pictures.”

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