Just a week ago, we reported that the Wi-Fi bug in iOS 6 has been fixed, but it seems as though that was a premature conclusion as some iDevice owners who have upgraded to iOS 6 still reported that the Wi-Fi issues continue to plague their device. In a 91-page thread on Apple’s Support Communities webpage (and growing, I would suppose), this just speaks volumes – literally and figuratively, on what a significant problem this is when it came to upgrading older iOS-powered devices such as the previous generation iPhone and third-generation iPads to iOS 6.

It seems that after upgrading to iOS 6 on their iPhone 4S and new iPads, they are still faced with disabled Wi-Fi connectivity, where one cannot connect since the option has been “grayed out.” Not only that, it appears as though this particular issue has also affected Bluetooth capabilities of the respective devices too, where users claimed to be unable to pair up with or even recognize other devices as the “search wheel” continues spinning indefinitely. Other users could turn on Wi-Fi, but that did not do them a whole lot of good either as they remained unable to connect to their local network.

Hopefully a concrete fix will be issued soon, but for the moment, those who are affected might consider downgrading to iOS 5.1, how about it?

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