It is safe to assume that Apple’s own take on Maps has left much to be desired, especially since they decided to remove Google Maps in the process. Well if you were hoping to get Google Maps back, you can give your thanks to developer Ryan Petrich who has managed to hack Google Maps as an overlay on top of Apple’s Maps app. Obviously this is not for the average iOS user and will require the user to jailbreak their device in order to gain access to this. Unfortunately it seems that the app is not ready for release yet as according to its developer, it crashes often and is not fit for public consumption just yet. On the bright side it seems that everything is working, at least for the most part, so it might not be too long before we will see this released. If you don’t plan on jailbreaking your device, we guess you will have to rely on Apple’s Maps for now, but for those who are willing, this is a tweak we guess many will be looking forward to. In the meantime you can check out the demo of the app in the video above.

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