It seems every year we’re treated to promises that lightbulbs are going next-gen, complete with networking features that will help us automate our homes. Few of these products get past the concept stage, so Phil Bosua decided to use a Kickstarter to make the networked bulb a reality. Fully funded in less than one week, the LIFX Lightbulb is a multicolored LED lightbulb which can be both networked and controlled from your smartphone.

Networked lightbulbs offer potential ranging from automated setups to increased energy efficiency, but you’ll probably notice the remote control features first. The Kickstarter promises that you’ll be able to change the color and brightness from your phone, or even have the quality of light match the beat of the song you’re playing. And since it’s all packed into the bulb, all you have to do is simply change your existing bulbs, instead of installing a whole new system. We haven’t tried it out yet, but it seems pretty cool. If you pledge $65 right now, you’ll get a LIFX lightbulb when they come out later this year.

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