We have seen a real life car that is controlled using a remote control, as well as a mind-controlled Parrot AR.Drone, but here is something else that certainly reminds me of how Professor Xavier walked using his psionically-powered exoskeleton as he led his X-Men to attack Asteroid M and put a stop to Magneto’s machinations, although this is after the adamantium was ripped out of Wolverine. Enough about comic folklore at the moment, but back on earth, we have this robotic leg prosthesis that is fully controlled using brain waves, making it a potential game changer for those who suffer from spinal cord injury.

This prosthetic lower limb’s predecessor can be controlled in real time by EEG (electroencephalogram) signals that are fed into a computer, and it works great as long as you have a brain, regardless of whether you are able-bodied or otherwise. It takes around 10 minutes to master the new mind-controlled robotic leg, which is touted to deliver a 100% response rate without any mistaken steps or false alarms – essential if you are about to cross a road. Obviously, more tests need to be done before this robotic leg can be FDA-approved, and hopefully, it will be affordable enough for the masses when that happens.

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