We have seen the second generation Parrot AR.Drone in action at CES earlier this year, but since 8 months have passed, what’s new about it? Nothing, unless someone decides to come up with a modified version. Here we are with the iPad-controlled Parrot AR.Drone, where researchers at Zhejiang University have managed to discover a way to control the quadcopter using one’s brain waves. This is not done through some sort of mutation or gamma radiation induced accident, but rather, through much simpler means where an EEG has been wired to the person’s head which will read one’s signals.

These signals will then be processed on a computer, where it will send an equivalent command to the drone sans wires. The entire goal is to help disabled folks gain a larger measure of independence in their lives. Not only that, it will help one explore their surroundings in a far freer manner, although one would think that normal folks would be able to enjoy this particular technology, too.

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