Your gaming mouse don’t mean S.Q.A.T – wait a minute here, there seems to be a missing “U” here. All right, let us start from the top again, Mionix has introduced a couple of new high performance gaming mousepads under the SARGAS and ENSIS ranges that will feature Mionix’s very own Surface Quality Analyser Tool, otherwise known as S.Q.A.T. Just what is S.Q.A.T. able to deliver? Well, it has been incorporated into the Mionix NAOS 5000 gaming mouse, where it is fully capable of measuring data loss between images of the surface taken by the mouse sensor. Data obtained from S.Q.A.T. will be rated on a scale of 1 to 10, where a low number represents a higher data loss and vice versa. Mousepads that have a rating of 8 or more are deemed to offer no tracking loss and improved accuracy, at least in Mionix’s books.

The has led Mionix to introduce the ENSIS and SARGAS lines, where the former is made out of super fine aluminium alloy with a 2mm low profile and super smooth surface, making it the high end range from Mionix. As for the SARGAS range, it has an uncoated mousepad surface that delivers a smooth controlled friction glide with added agility regardless of the game genre you are in love with. [Press Release]

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