Do you love indulging in a game of Tower Defense, no matter the “base” game? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, surely you are experienced with the concept of enemy waves bearing down upon your carefully constructed (or not) towers to defend your base. Well, Ren Weiguang, president of HTC China, just mentioned casually that his company will be working on additional Windows Phone 8 devices that will carry a larger display compared to what the recently announced HTC 8S and HTC 8X, which means we will definitely see a 4.5” display at the very least considering how the HTC 8X came with a 4.3” display.

Chances are, this larger sized HTC smartphone that is in the works could very well be the quad-core powered HTC Zenith, where initial rumors did point towards a massive 4.7” screen, making it move ever closer to phablet territory. Come to think of it, HTC has yet to dive into the world of phablets, making us wonder what is preventing them from doing so. Would you be happy with a Windows Phone 8 device that has a larger display?

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