If you hate having creepy crawlies around, then you might be loathe to have this robot snake being inserted into your body as though it was some sort of Matrix nightmare come true. There is a very good reason for having this robot snake slither through your entire body though, especially when it is supposed to help you sniff out cancer. This cancer-sniffing robot was developed by engineers at Britain’s OC Robotics, where it can identify as well as remove hard-to-reach tumors. Of course, it will not run in an automated manner, but rather, the robot snake itself will be guided by a nearby surgeon, and the patient need not worry about being carved open – meaning there will be no scars to speak of, at least externally, after the procedure.

Right now, the robot snake remains as a prototype, where researchers remain optimistic concerning its potentially non-invasive qualities. After all, it is meant to be as minimally invasive as possible, enabling a surgeon to look and “feel” inside the body through the clever implementation of cameras and extremely sensitive equipment to provide feedback. Sounds like a medical “video game” of sorts, don’t you think so?

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