It is no secret that both Samsung and Apple are considered to be bitter rivals, what with Apple gaining a significant victory over Samsung in the US in their recent legal battle. While Samsung will appeal the judge’s decision, in the meantime they have decided to film an anti-Apple commercial where they basically parody Apple’s retail stores, the Geniuses who work there along with mockup devices which based on the photos, look nothing like Apple’s products (we guess that was the point). They have also created a sign that says, “It’s coming” in the photo above which we’re assuming is referring to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5 that should be announced later today. In any case Samsung has stated that they will sue Apple if the iPhone 5 has 4G LTE on board, so we guess this is just the beginning of what looks like another lengthy legal battle. In any case stay tuned as we’ll keep an eye out for the parody commercial when it has been released.

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