samsung_logoSouth Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has just revealed that they intend to make a splash in the camera sensor market for mobile devices by developing a 13-megapixel camera sensor that has been identified to be the S5K3L2 in terms of its model number. Right now, the sensor remains under development, where the final product is touted to support a maximum resolution of 4208 × 3120 pixels while boasting back-side illumination (BSI) that enables you to capture better photos in low light conditions compared to non-BSI camera sensors.

Adding another megapixel to its camera sensor’s overall resolution count is a step in the right direction, considering how their current 12-megapixel sensor (S5K3L1) which was just announced in 2011 has started to undergo mass production. When will we see 13-megapixel cameras in smartphones? Not too soon, but fret not, as time tends to pass by rather quickly and before you know it, 13-megapixel shooters in smartphones will become the norm.

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