Google’s self-driving cars have been quite a sensation. These cars have completed a run of thousands of miles and the search giant hopes to make them commercially available soon. While the world eagerly waits for this to happen, a Chinese electric market BYD has already a self-driving car no the market.


BYD has released a self-driving car which costs a mere $10,365. That is incredibly cheap for a car which packs such a cutting-edge technology (assuming it works). Being called Sui Rui, this car is able to respond to a remote control. With the help of this control, you can summon the car to wherever you are.

However, it is not surprising to note that the car can travel at only a speed of 1.2 miles per hour when on the auto-drive mode. Also, the fuel tank of the basic model is a tiny (!) 1.5 liters.

Of course you can put in some extra juice and get the “turbo” model for $15,710 but still, the car seems more of a commercial proof-of-concept than a vehicle that can be used by real people.

Nonetheless, the fact that self-driving cars are now commercially available is a mighty feat in itself.  The stand-out thing about this car is that this is the first-ever actual car which can controlled with a remote control.

so, tell us… would you actually trust this car registered in your name, driving by itself to pick you up? Also, would you let it drive you back home after a late night at the bar? Drop a comment to tell us.

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