If you are a PS3 owner who has played Skyrim and have been waiting patiently for news on the Dawnguard DLC, well, there does not seem to be any good news in side as the release date for that particular DLC remains a heated topic still. To further add to the disappointment, one of Bethesda’s top PR execs, Pete Hines, (who holds the position of VP of PR and marketing), tweeted to a question that concerned the release date, saying, “No, we will not release it if we can’t get the performance to an ‘acceptable’ standard. Our stance on this has not changed.”


In other words, that would mean if Skyrim Dawnguard for the PS3 is not up to snuff, it will not be released. I do hope that some sense of closure will be made available to gamers, especially fans of the franchise, as being left hanging in the air for news of a potential release is never quite the most pleasant experience. Not only that, folks might just give up altogether if they had to wait like, forever. Perhaps giving the development team a certain timeframe or deadline to meet, otherwise the entire project will have to be scrapped, might be a better way to conclude things.

Hopefully by the time the development team figures out all the bugs plaguing Skyrim Dawnguard, the PS4 would not have been released.

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