When it comes to electric vehicles, you do not simply drive up to a gas station and “fill ‘er up”, so to speak, as there is this rather lengthy charging process that you need to go through in the first place. Well, Tesla Motors might have come across a rather innovative approach in the form of the Tesla Supercharger network. It should be more than just a simple charging post with a plug, where CEO Elon Musk recently touched on the system in a rather brief manner, more or less guaranteeing that folks who see it will be bowled over by its awesomeness.

There will also be some sort of battery swapping capability being introduced into the Supercharger network, and battery swapping is a controversial concept in the electric vehicle community. No idea on whether it will come for every pack size or not, as the Tesla Model S arrives with either a 40-, 60- or 85-kWh pack, but I am quite sure that the nitty gritty will be ironed out eventually.

Solar panels, too, will play their role here as we could be looking at the possibility of rooftop solar storage systems. Are you looking forward to what Tesla has in store for the electric vehicle future?

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