Not actual teeth armor… ;)

When the word Japan comes into mind, you would think of Godzilla, cosplay, as well as Hello Kitty and Ultraman, not to mention Nintendo if you are an avid gamer. We do know that the Land of the Rising Sun does come out with some rather weird and quirky items every now and then, and here is the tooth armor that is the brainchild of a bunch of Japanese scientists who claim that this tooth armor will help prevent you from being afflicted by the scourge of many a sweet tooth – the dreaded cavities.

Researchers at Kinki University in Japan were successful in developing flexible apatite sheets that measure a mere 0.004 millimeter thick (or should we say, thin?) which are capable of being bonded directly to teeth in order to create a kind of artificial enamel surface. This particular pseudo enamel surface will be able to effectively restore your tooth enamel back to when it was fine and dandy without a care/pain in the world. They are not readily available just yet though, but is tipped to be prepared for cosmetic use in humans within a three year time period. As for dental restoration and treatment purposes, we are staring down at a five yeartime frame.

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