Toshiba has a spanking new ‘poster boy’ when it comes to media storage on your computers, and we are talking about the Toshiba Hybrid Drive. Also known as the MQ01ABDH series, it is said to deliver a careful balance of performance which you can find in solid state disks (SSDs) with the advantage of capacity and cost-effectiveness of hard disk drives (HDDs), sporting capacities up to 1TB. The new SATA Toshiba Hybrid Drive measures 2.5” in size, and is a mere 9.5mm in height, where it boasts of “self-learning” caching algorithms which will learn the system user’s data access patterns in order to optimize performance.

These self-learning caching algorithms also help manage just which particular user data is stored to the NAND Flash for a quicker response down the road, as well as how the data in the NAND Flash will be updated based on intelligent access pattern learning. Interested parties will be able to select from 750GB and 1TB capacities, where they should start making waves in standard-sized notebooks, gaming PCs, all-in-one and slimline desktops and other digital computing applications. [Press Release]

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