When covering popular events, photographers have to face a lot of difficulty because of the huge crowds. In fact, if you are a photographer and you somehow ended up at the back of the crowd, you can forget about getting any clears shots of the stage.

Tree-pod is a unique tripod that helps you tackle such situations. It is a tripod that can be compacted to a height of a mere 3 feet but when the need be, you can extend it to a height of 11 feet, climb right to the top and start snapping your cameras.

The legs of the tripod are studded with holds for you to climb up easily. It is particularly useful in crowded places where you can simply pull the ‘ladder’ out of it, climb to the top and get a clear view for your camera.

Tree-pod is made up of aluminum alloy and weighs more than 28 pounds. This means that you can’t carry it around like your regular tripod. Still, you can perhaps reserve it for occasions where you know you wouldn’t find a near-stage position. Moreover, a price tag of $6000 kind of ensures that you wouldn’t go for it merely to enjoy a hobby but only out of professional needs.

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