When it comes to computing power and upgrades, most of us who are handy with a screwdriver as well as have the technical know-how relish performing these upgrades on our own, although sometimes, there is a fair bit of work involved, not to mention the need for steady hands. How about a future where all you need to do in upgrading your computer is as easy as performing a battery change on your remote control? Yes sir, we are referring to this conceptual upgradeable tablet device that lets you swap out its CPU or motherboard just like that, slotting in a newer, faster part as a replacement.

Navarre Bartz is the brains behind this particular idea of an upgradeable tablet which is so easy to upgrade, you do not need to know rocket science to get the job done. To get this idea rolling, the tablet motherboard comprises of just two parts – the main board that has all the necessary ports and components, while the secondary board carries other essentials such as CPU, memory, and storage. A system on a stick, so to speak – do you think it will happen in this lifetime?

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