Wages paid to cashiers by supermarkets are a necessary expense, at least until recently where self-checkout systems have been introduced, allowing customers to check out their own items and pay for it at the machine, thus cutting back on costs (although initial costs might be more due to installation). It looks like Wal-Mart is interested in such a system and according to reports, they are in the process of testing an iPhone checkout system where shoppers can scan their products using their iPhone and pay at a self-checkout counter. This could not only lead to lesser waiting times, but could also save up to $12 million spent in cashier’s wages in Wal-Mart’s stores in the US.

This testing is currently being conducted on one Wal-Mart store but they are currently seeking not just employees, but friends and family of employees to test the system which could eventually be rolled out to their stores across the country. While it might make shoppers happy, the same might not be able to be said about cashiers who might find themselves out of a job.

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