Have you ever texted or played a game on your smartphone while walking? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would do well to take heed the moral of this story. Apparently, a lady was too busy texting on her handset, and when she tried to discard her cigarette butt in Kodiak, Alaska at a nearby cliff, she lost her balance and bearings, slipping on the wet grass in her garden (yes, her garden is right on the side of a cliff that plunges 60-feet below) and getting a free gravity ride all the way down.

Thankfully, she ended up just a few feet away from the tide and suffered from multiple injuries. Her recovery is well underway, and she should be back to normal soon. One thing’s for sure though, I don’t think that she will be walking around and texting any more in the future. It was rather fortunate that her friend heard her screams and managed to summon help in good time. Needless to say, there is no need to ‘test’ out this theory unless you love adrenaline pumping moments.

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