Given that Canada is the home ground for RIM, we guess it’s not surprising that several police departments in Canada have utilized RIM’s Blackberry Playbook in their operations. Well it looks like the Sussex Police in the UK have decided to come on board as well. The police will be trialing the new system which will see Playbook tablets installed in 400 police vehicles. With the Playbook tablet not being such a hit with consumers given the alternatives out there, this is probably pretty good news for RIM. The Playbooks given will unfortunately be the WiFi only model, but it seems that police officers will be given Blackberry smartphones in which they can bridge their phones with the tablet in order to go online when WiFi is not available.

There will be specific apps created for the police officers and thanks to the Playbook’s camera, photos and videos can be recorded and uploaded remotely. According to CrackBerry, it seems that the police force in Wales is interested in the Playbook setup as well and are awaiting for the Sussex police force’s report on the trial at the end of the month before proceeding. Given that iPads and Android tablets seem to be the preferred choice these days in enterprises, we guess it’s nice to see that the Playbook still has a lease on life in a market dominated by iOS and Android.

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