PlayBook 2.0 new homescreenAccording to an earlier post, it was suggested that BlackBerry has not decided to neglect its PlayBook tablet entirely and that there could be additional updates for the tablet that have yet to be released.

In fact last we heard, BlackBerry was not closed to the idea that they could make a new PlayBook device in the future, although they did not specify when such a device would be released. In the meantime the folks at CrackBerry have decided to create a poll to find out if PlayBook users were still using the tablet and the results are surprising.

According to their findings, it seems that close to 60% of those polled said that they are still using their BlackBerry PlayBook tablet and that it is a doing a good job to date. Around 22% of those polled said that they have since moved onto another OS, while the rest claim that they do not have a need for a tablet.

It should be noted that the PlayBook tablet was released about 3 years ago, which as far as technology is concerned, makes the device pretty old. We’re talking about when devices were still powered by dual-core processors, some of which were made by Texas Instruments, and where screen resolution was still pretty low.

However it could be that PlayBook users are using their tablets for basic activities, such as surfing, checking emails, playing some video clips, and so on that might not necessarily need that much processing power. In any case this poll can hardly be called conclusive but are there any PlayBook users out there who are still using the tablet even until today?

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