blackberry-playbook-review--01The BlackBerry Playbook is the Canadian company’s first and last attempt at a tablet. This isn’t to say that there won’t be a sequel or another tablet attempt by BlackBerry, but as it stands it’s pretty much the only tablet made by the company at the moment.

The device was launched back in 2011 meaning that the device is about 3 years old by now and according to BlackBerry back in 2013, Playbook users should stop expecting major updates for the device. Well the good news is that BlackBerry has not neglected the tablet entirely because according to reports, it seems that they are still working on Playbook updates.

Unfortunately there’s no telling when BlackBerry plans on rolling out the Playbook update but word has it that OS has currently received its certification, meaning that it is close to being released and it’s just a matter of when. In the meantime users are reporting that there is a BlackBerry Bridge update that is available via BlackBerry World so Playbook owners can go ahead and download the update.

For those unfamiliar with the Bridge app, it basically allows BlackBerry users to pair their BlackBerry smartphone with their BlackBerry Playbook tablet. When users do that, they will be able to sync certain features of their phones with their tablets. The app will also allow the BlackBerry phone to act as a virtual mouse for the Playbook and can even be used for typing if you find that easier.

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