The Game Boy Color is certainly one handheld console that captured the imagination of millions of kids worldwide, and it had quite a run that lasted for many a year. Now that we are in 2012, it is interesting to read about what some of the other game developers had in mind – such as Blizzard biographer David Craddock stepping forward to say that at one point in time in the past, there was a vision to bring Diablo over to the Nintendo Game Boy Color, where the title will aptly be called Diablo Junior. The game would be “inspired” by Pokemon, where players were able to exchange exclusive characters with among each other. Development on Diablo Junior kicked off at approximately the same time as Diablo 2, where a Game Boy Advance version was also in the pipeline.

The thing is, Diablo Junior never really made it out to the mainstream because of the high production costs that Blizzard cited when it came to developing handheld games. I am not so certain about that statement, as it is very possible should Diablo Junior be a hit, they would have stumbled upon a goldmine to recoup their development costs and then some.

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