Of course, we would not expect anyone to take Digital Storm’s claim for their Bolt gaming PC to be future-proof, as any gamer worth his or her salt knows that this is not how the gaming world works, especially when it comes to hardware. Still, if you are interested to see what the Bolt is all about, read on – it comes with a custom designed chassis that delivers an extremely pleasing thin form factor to the eyes, without sacrificing on room for future upgradability, with most of the grunt work being borne by a 4.6GHz overclocked CPU.

The Bolt measures a mere 3.6” wide and is 14” tall, where its thin chassis was specially designed to effectively dissipate heat despite holding the most updated and fastest components on the market. Capable of holding up to three hard drives, a couple of SSDs and 1 mechanical, you know that it has unparalleled storage flexibility – at least for a home-based gaming rig. Prices for the Digital Storm Bolt start from $999 upwards, depending on the hardware configuration of your choice, so take your pick.

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