The world is a strange place these days, and with the advent of social networks like Facebook, things have definitely gotten stranger. A court recently heard testimony of a husband who claims that he managed to track down the man who allegedly raped his wife as a schoolgirl using the most popular social networking site in the world today, Facebook. Andrew Marsh, 27, claims that through the organization of a surprise party for his wife on Facebook, he knew of Mr. Marsh, a greengrocer, and subsequently gave him quite a hiding after convincing his wife to make a police report concerning an alleged rape in 2001.

Mr. Marsh was subsequently arrested and charged with raping the lady in an alleyway when she was still a schoolgirl. The alleged victim’s name has been withheld for legal reasons, did mention to her husband that she was raped in one of their previous talks concerning relationship difficulties, as heard by the Maidstone Crown Court. She did have a relationship with Mr. Marsh in preceding years, where she claimed he raped her against a wall.

Mr Marsh of Rochester, Kent, who is married, has denied all counts of rape and indecent assault. Well, at least this didn’t end up in a double Facebook murder as reported in February this year.

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