David Bowen must have quite the vivid imagination to come up with this rather nifty contraption that he calls the “Flytweet”. Basically, the Flytweet’s name gives the game away already, where it functions as a device which is capable of sending out tweets for those who are interested to know what’s going on, and these tweets will be based on what the house flies have been up to. Now, there really isn’t much that a common house fly can do other than to being a nuisance of itself while contaminating all of our favorite foods that were left uncovered, right?

The Flytweet comprises of an enclosed acrylic sphere with a keyboard, and this area will be where a bunch of house flies congregate. The flies will be filmed as they move around, and each time they land on a particular key, that character will be entered into a Twitter text box. Once the 140 characters limit is reached, or should a fly land on the Enter key, a tweet will be sent from @flycolony. Entirely random, let us see if it can compose the whole works of Shakespeare instead of leaving it to the monkeys and a typewriter.

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