Google recently issued a warning to many of their Gmail users, citing that their accounts could fall under the crosshairs of hackers. This email is similar in nature to the one that the Internet search giant sent out in June earlier this year, stating, “We believe state-sponsored attackers may be attempting to compromise your account or computer,” with the warning being presented in black text on a red banner for that added effect. “Protect yourself now” will be accompanied by a link to Google support page. The support page further underlines the seriousness of the entire event, warning, “It’s likely that you received emails containing malicious attachments, links to malicious software downloads, or links to fake websites that are designed to steal your passwords or other personal information. Google’s internal systems are not compromised and that this message does not refer to one specific campaign.”

Needless to say, it is already 2012 so for folks who have been online long enough and yet continue to adopt a nonchalant attitude towards online security, it is time to stop acting as though you were a newbie and clicking all links with wanton abandon, even from suspicious emails.

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