Whether or not you use an iPhone, it is very probable that you’d agree to the coolness factor of the device. In fact, many critics have cited the ‘cool’ factor of iPhone for being a major selling point. While that remains very true, here’s a gadget that can tune up the coolness of your iPhone significantly.


Helios is an iPhone telepresence robot which can carry your iPhone for you. You simply have to control the robot from any other machine and guide it to wherever you want it to go. Launched on Kickstarter a few days ago, the device adds a whole lot portability to the notion of telepresence.

This is how Helios works: you simply have to install the Helios iOS app on your iPhone, launch the app and then tuck the phone in a slot atop the telepresence robot. Now all you need to view the video transmitted by your iPhone is to connect up to internet and start using the app through a browser. This works even if your iPhone-fitted Helios is at one end of the world and you are at the other.

You can steer Helios as per your whims and make it tilt the angle of the iPhone for you to view things more clearly. The applications of such a gadget are virtually endless. Say you wish to take a round through your workplace to see no one’s messing around – you simply send the telepresence robot on the route while you enjoy the video feed from the comfort of your desk. That is one of the many possible applications of this nifty robot.

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