Honda, one of the larger automobile manufacturers in the world, has just rolled out a new model that targets ladies, calling it the Honda Fit She’s. Available only in Japan at this point in time with no word on whether the rest of the world will be able to receive this compact ride, the Honda Fit She’s will target nearly 50% of Japanese women who decided to remain out of the work force. According to Honda’s designers, this version of the Honda Fit will be cute enough for adults, sporting a pink exterior, pink stitching on the interior, and shiny pink chrome covers on the dashboard. It would take a whole lot for most males to drive this to work for sure. Heck, even a heart replaces the apostrophe in “She’s” in order to underline Honda’s seriousness to the commitment.

Good thing you can also choose from brown and white if you are a lady who does not like pink – at least brown and white can help complement your eye shadow color, no? Aesthetics are not the only thing with the Honda Fit She’s, as it sports a new kind of windshield which is touted to block up to 99% of UV rays, helping reduce the chances of attaining wrinkles whenever you drive during the daytime. There is also a Plasmacluster AC system that treats the air quality, supposedly improving one’s skin quality as you drive.

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