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Bing Gets In On The Halloween Spirit With Homepage Horror Homages
Halloween is today around the world, meaning there are millions of children walking the streets of their neighborhood looking for some free candy in exchange for dressing up in costumes. Halloween is also a time where people appreciate a good scary movie as there’s no better time to have the bejesus scared out of you than this time of year. If you use Bing for all of your searching needs, […]

PSN Holds Halloween Sale Dropping Prices On The Last Of Us, The Walking Dead And More
Halloween is creeping ever so closely, which means things should be getting a little scarier around your town. We’re sure you already have the perfect Halloween costume for whatever ghoulish activities you have planned for that evening, although Sony would certainly like to help give you discounts on some of its more scary games that is currently available on the PlayStation Network.

Radio Controlled Flying Witch And Flying Wizard Take To The Skies
Earlier this summer, we highlighted Otto Dieffenbach and Ed Hanley’s RC Superman and Iron Man, which showed both iconic superheroes taking to the skies with ease. With Halloween right around the corner, both Dieffenbach and Hanley decided now would be the best time to reveal their RC witch and wizard planes.

Go And Google a Scary Movie for a Fun Easter Egg
Here’s something to do if you can’t get enough Halloween: go to Google, search for your favorite scary movie, and watch the bats fly. Not content with an interactive Google Doodle on the front page today, it has also thrown in a fun easter egg: if you search for a term that brings up the Google knowledge graph box, three bats will perch and fly away when your search results […]


Power Loader Halloween costume is so full of win
I am quite sure that those who grew up in the 1980s must have had their lives impacted after watching the Aliens franchise, especially when Sigourney Weaver made Ripley into a household name as the person who swore at an Alien queen, while ensuring she has the relevant physical firepower when strapped to a Caterpillar P-5000 Power Loader. Well, since Halloween is around the corner, we have this unique costume […]

iWound Halloween shirt shows off a beating heart
If you love to play along with the general Halloween mood, then you would definitely be interested to hear about what T-shirt design company Digital Dudz has in store for the end of October. They have come up with a range of cool Halloween T-shirts that will require you to attach your smartphone in a strategically-placed hole on their outfits, so that your smartphone’s display can show off gory details […]

Jack 'O Lantern spits flames
I understand that Halloween is supposed to be an extremely scary holiday, especially for adults who want to make the hair on the backs of their kids stand. Jack ‘O Lanterns are definitely a staple when it comes to Halloween decorations, and here we are with one that not only looks menacing, it is – considering the fact that it is capable of spitting out tongues of flame to grill […]

Trick or Tracker keeps you informed on your kids' whereabouts
Halloween is just around the corner, and if you have any children that are planning to go trick or treating, you might want to keep an eye out for them. But since it’s never cool follow your kids around, how about use the power of technology to monitor them instead? Iconosys has just announced the launch of Trick or Tracker – a location app designed for occasions just like Halloween.

Motion detecting snake wreath scares visitors away
It’s mid-way through August which means kids will be going back to school soon, and that also means that Halloween is only a couple months away. If you’re a Halloween enthusiast, you’ll probably agree that it’s never too early to start shopping for your spooky gadgets and decorations, and here’s one that you might want to add to your shopping cart.

$1000 Robot Costume For Halloween
So what did you dress up as for Halloween? The boring usual selection of witches and warlocks? Some folks out there are a little more dedicated to instilling fear and terror into the hearts of others, evidenced by a commitment of 250 hours to build a costume and an estimated material cost of $1000. It looks like an exoskeleton that will put Robocop to shame, so it’s definitely something to […]

iPhone 4 Halloween Costume Looks Realistic
With Halloween just around the corner, an iPhone 4 costume has surfaced, and it looks pretty darned good. Aside from looking very much like an iPhone 4, the costume features a 40-inch LED LCD panel (which must be rather heavy), a jailbroken iPhone 4, VGA output, LED camera light, a mini 12v battery and weighs roughly 75 lbs. The costume took a good 3 days to complete, and if you […]

Creeper2 spider pumpkin bot
Want to creep trick-or-treaters this Halloween? If only you had the technical know how to make the Creeper2 robot that is actually a spider pumpkin bot, moving around with a Jack-O-Lantern on its back to literally cause real screams from its unsuspecting victims. Running on an Axon microcontroller, it relies on all digital servos with the ability to lift over twice its body weight. The software enables six synchronous degrees […]

DIY Alien costume with motorized tongue
Halloween’s just a few more days away, so if you want to make sure your kid will have the coolest costume in town, you might do well to pay attention to this DIY Alien costume that comes complete with a motorized tongue – minus the slime and nasty snapping that introduced fear into the audience of a cinema all those years ago. The tongue’s mechanism was made from LEGO elements […]

Cyber Rave Goth Trance LED light-up Halloween Gas Mask
You’d really freak some people out with the Cyber Rave Goth Trance LED light-up Halloween Gas Mask, and some might even mistake you for Rex from G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra fame. After all, nobody wears a gas mask for fun in the first place, so why not turn this already bizarre experience into something else that requires LED lights to really freak people out? They retail for $39.99 […]