Considering that pretty much the entire Mac lineup (save the Mac Pro) comes with iSight cameras which is essentially a built-in webcam, there’s really no need for Mac users to buy a third-party webcam unless they’re really fussy about the image and sound quality. Well if you think that describes you and want something of better quality to record videos or music with, then Logitech might have something for you. While not officially announced, website B&H Photo has outed the Logitech Wireless Webcam for Mac, which as its name suggests, has been designed for Mac computers and is wireless.


Unfortunately apart from that, not much else is known about the webcam although it has been speculated it can capture video in 1080p Full HD video quality. Given its wireless feature, we suspect that it can also double as a security camera and placed at entrances, or perhaps just a nifty feature for those who aren’t a fan of cables. The cloud icon at the top is interesting and we’re not sure what it indicates – integrated iCloud support, perhaps? Either way there is no word on when this particular webcam will be released, but B&H has priced it at $179.99 which we’re not sure if it will be the final price. We’ll keep our eyes peeled but in the meantime, anyone have an idea of what the cloud icon on the webcam could signify?

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