[CEATEC 2012] We have seen how Murata intends to help the elderly and infirmed get around more independently in a safer manner via the Electric Walking Assist Car, but here is another device that will target the more able-bodied – a pressure sensor and wireless module that has been embedded into the sole of a pair of shoes, resulting in a walking measurement system to create what some might deem as Smart Shoes. These sensors will monitor the weight shift of the shoe’s wearer, letting it check up on forms of running, walking, and golfing among others in addition to charting the effects of rehabilitation.

All data will be measured using the integrated pressure sensor, where it will then be transmitted over to a smartphone via the “Bluetooth SMART (Bluetooth Low Energy)” module. The pressure sensor used was made possible thanks to a transparent piezoelectric film that has a constant piezoelectric output, allowing the sensor to detect extension as well as contraction and torsion in each person’s movement.

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