We all remember the award winning Nest Learning Thermostat launched less than a year ago , and we are happy to see its even more elegant successor, Nest Second-gen. Slimmer and with a slightly re-designed hardware (the inside particularly), the new Learning Thermostat offers a number of cool features, including two additional languages (Spanish and French in addition to English), version 3.0 of its software, increased compatibility with low voltage residential heating and cooling systems (from 75% to 95% of the systems on the market) and improved energy saving capabilities.

On the left the new Nest Learning Thermostat – 20% thinner

There are three different types of heating and cooling systems out there: forced air systems, radiant systems and heat pump systems. For each one, Nest Labs designed a specific energy efficiency feature in its 3.0 software (from the manufacturer specifications, we have not tried these):

Early-On – For forced air systems, allows to get the desired temperature at the time you need it. To obtain 76ºF at 7:00 AM, Early-On will start heating or cooling early so it’ll be 76ºF when you wake up at 7:00 AM. Nest monitors the status of the air filter and reminds you to change it when necessary.

True Radiant – Radiant systems need even more time to get the desired temperature than forced air systems, with the True Radiant feature, Nest turns the heat early on during the night so you will get warm in the morning, and ensure good energy savings.

Heat Pump Balance – Nest’s Heat Pump Balance feature optimizes how often you need to use expensive auxiliary (AUX) heat. You can select between more comfort or more savings and the software will automatically adjust when AUX heat is used.

Nest has improved its Auto-away and Auto-schedule, and now, the Auto-away is triggered 30 minutes after you have left the house (previously it was two hours). Additionally, you can set up different temperatures and times directly in the Heat • Cool mode, and Nest learns your behavior from its occupancy sensor and the data it captures.

Nest has expanded its mobile app (for remote control) from iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones to Android tablets.

Nest Learning Thermostat second-generation is available now for pre-order at www.nest.com for $249 and it will ship in the US and Canada mid-October. Nest thermostat will also be available later this month at Amazon, Apple’s online store, and in all 1,700+ Lowe’s stores.

The original Nest Learning Thermostat now has an MSRP of $229.00 and it will be available at Lowe’s while supplies last.

On the left, the new Nest with redesigned inside, to add more sophisticated connectors that allows a 95% compatibility with existing heating systems

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