It was easy to assume that since Apple’s last iOS device went widescreen, we’d see the iPad mini go to a 16:9 form factor as well. However, according to some leaked pics from ETrade Supply, it looks like Apple’s smallest tablet will be sporting the same 4:3 ratio as full-size iPads. The leak also tips the dimensions: the screen is 162mm long and 124mm wide. These photos answer a whole bunch of questions we had about the device we’ll probably see revealed on October 23. The text on the back of the display says it’s manufactured by LG Display (which we kind of suspected) and the markings seem legit and in line with other Apple parts. ETrade Supply also posted photos of the battery, but it didn’t answer any burning questions, except that the battery is 4490mAh, which is about a third of the new iPad’s 11,666mAh battery.

What I’m wondering is if anybody’s disappointed by this news. Is anybody really going to not buy an iPad mini because of its display ratio? Check out the rest of the leaked photos over at ETrade Supply.

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