When we talk about Full HD displays (1920 x 1080 resolution), most of the time it would concern projectors, flat screen TVs as well as computer monitors. Very rarely would one think about a smartphone display, but it seems that this might be the norm soon if Sharp has their way. The Japanese company has started to produce 5” Full HD LCD panels that will target the smartphone market, boasting a pixel density that would even make Apple blush in a wine red color, making short work of the once vaunted Retina Display.

Just how does Sharp intend to conquer the small size Full HD display market? Well, the LCD panel that rolls off production lines will make use of CG-Silicon technology, a new kind of pixel design as well as an innovative production process in order to achieve a similar amount of pixels on a 5” display as opposed to a Full HD LCD TV. Touted to carry approximately 1.3 times the pixel density of conventional LCD panels, it is more than capable of displaying crisp text, super-clear maps, and eye-popping HD images. [Press Release]

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