Steam-LinuxA few months ago it seems that Valve decided to start documenting their progress with their Linux port of Steam, the company’s gaming portal. We guess Valve decided that it’s about time that they started catering not just for Windows and Mac OS gamers, but for Linux users as well. Well the good news is that whatever port they’ve been working on, it seems to be ready for use, or at least in its beta format. This was confirmed via their website in which they are asking for Linux users interested in trying out Steam to sign up for the beta program. According to the description, “We’re looking for Linux gamers to install and test our new Steam for Linux client. We are primarily interested in experienced Linux users.” We’re not sure when the beta will be released or if beta testers will be under NDA (there’s a good chance they will be), but if you’re a Linux gamer or you have a Linux machine that you use from time to time and would like to see what Valve has got so far, head on over to their website for the details.

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