Verizon has been busy rolling out 4G LTE network coverage over the past couple of years, an indication that 4G is most definitely the next-gen network that mobile users can look forward to in the near future as more devices become compatible with it. So what happens to 2G and 3G networks when 4G LTE becomes the dominant network of choice in the future? Well as far as Verizon is concerned, they have announced that come 2021, the carrier will sunset both 2G and 3G CDMA networks. This is a little less than a decade away so for those on 2G devices, you guys are still “safe”, at least for now.

This heads up from Verizon is apparently aimed more at machine-to-machine applications, rather than the end user but at the rate the carrier has been rolling out 4G LTE coverage, it is safe to assume that the bulk of their customers should have already moved onto their 4G LTE network with LTE compatible devices by 2021. When that happens, we guess we can then start to look forward to 5G networks where research into the technology has already begun in the UK.

Update – Verizon has released a statement regarding the future of its 2G and 3G networks:

The Verizon Wireless 2G and 3G networks will be available into the foreseeable future. Recently published dates are guidelines that we are giving customers who have to plan, fund, and transition large enterprise projects to the faster speed networks. The Verizon Wireless 2G and 3G networks will be available as long as necessary to support customers who may have mission critical projects on those networks.”

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