We’re sure that most of you guys are familiar with the hacking ground, Anonymous, by now. Now it seems that as part of the group’s 5th of November protest, they claim to have hacked PayPal’s servers and managed to get their hands on 28,000 customer account passwords and leaked it online. Safe to say the amount of chaos that will ensue if these passwords fall into the wrong hands will be tremendous. The group has posted the list of emails, passwords, names and even telephone numbers, so you can head on over to the list and check to see if your sensitive information is there.

However according to PayPal’s head of PR, they claim to be investigating the alleged hack, but so far they have stated that they are unable to validate any evidence that there has been a security breach which we can only take to be a good thing. In any case if you think it’s prudent, perhaps you might want to change your password just to be on the safe side.

Update – We’ve got word from a PayPal spokesperson further clarifying the matter and they had this to say,  “It appears that the exploit was not directed at PayPal after all, it was directed at a company called ZPanel. The original  story that started this and was retweeted by some of the Anonymous Twitter handles has now been updated.” Guess it was a false alarm after all, at least for PayPal users.

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