Were you planning on getting your hands on Apple’s new iMacs? Word has it that these iMacs were supposed to arrive on the 27th of November, but according to the folks at MacBidouille, they claim to have received reports suggesting that will unfortunately not be the case. Apparently this is due to a delay in the production of the iMac, an issue that manufacturers ran into with the welding process, and it seems that this issue could cause the iMacs to be made available only in 2013. Yikes! As some of you guys know, the new iMacs are a lot thinner compared to their predecessor, an apparent engineering feat which we guess some of Apple’s manufacturing partners are having some problems replicating. In any case apart from this report, there has not been any official word from Apple regarding this possible delay, but we’ll keep our eyes peeled nonetheless. Anyone else put off by this delay?

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