Apple’s A6 processor, as noted in our iPhone 5 review, is already proven to be two times faster than its predecessor, thanks to its dual-core processor. But as the clock speed is increased, processors tend to get hotter due to the intense oscillation within the SoC. Apple’s next-generation iPhone could be outfitted with internal fans. A recent patent entitled “Cooling System for Mobile Electronic Devices” has just been filed by Apple on Thursday.

The patent revolves around a cooling system for mobile devices that is configured to two devices, a fan, and an alerting device. According to the document, the fan will be designed to cool the components of the mobile computing device by exchanging air between the inner cavity of the device as well as an outer environment surrounding it. The alerting device, according to the document, will produce an alert through vibration.

Additionally, another patent filing reveals that Apple could be working on “dual-mode headphone” that can be operated in two modes. As noted by Patently Apple, “The first mode is the normal every day in-ear design that all headphones offer. The second mode is where the fun comes in. It will allow users to rest their headphones on a table or other surface and kick them into true speaker mode with a full amplifier so that they could share their music with others in any room or other social setting. What a fantastic idea! I’ll definitely be first in line to buy these headphones.”

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