Vers Inc, a company that sells products for people concerned about the environment, announced a new Bluetooth speaker today, in the mold of speakers like the Jambox. The Vers 2Q is admittedly handsome–it’s wrapped in a warm wooden cabinet and it’s small enough to fit in your hand. Plus it’s got Bluetooth so it pairs with your phone. But $200 is a steep price for 13 watts of speakers–especially when there isn’t any detail available on the drivers, and the Jambox (which is the same price) is so well-liked. So it’s primarily marketed towards the people that think that wood casing on a gadget makes it more environmentally friendly. Plus, although it’s “handcrafted,” there’s no indication where it’s made–lots of things are handcrafted in factories like Foxconn. The bottom line is whenever you see words like “handcrafted,” you’ve got to understand it’s straight up marketing, unless you’re in a place like twee-Brookyn or Etsy. Speakers can be small-batch, but these Vers speakers definitely are mass produced.

The Vers 2Q are coming soon, and you can sign up to get an email when they’re on sale.

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