One of our all-time favorite bluetooth speakers has got to be Jawbone’s Jambox as it’s able to kick out just the right amount of sound from its small frame. One thing the Jambox hasn’t been able to do is survive a backyard pool party as combining it with water is something that would certainly damage the device, but today, Jawbone is now making its Jambox splash resistant for an additional fee.

Jawbone now has an additional option available that will add a layer of Liquipel 2.0 protection on either the Jambox or Mini Jambox for an additional $50. Unfortunately, Liquipel 2.0 doesn’t make the Jambox completely waterproof, but instead it’ll be splash resistant, so don’t start thinking you can bring the Jambox into a body of water with you or you’ll end up with a damaged speaker and probably a damaged body in the process.

We’ve seen some bluetooth speakers that are completely waterproof as well as water resistant, so having the Jambox only be splash resistant seems like Jawbone is holding back a bit. It’s almost 2014 and if there’s one sure we’re sure many of us expect from our bluetooth speakers these days, it’s that they should be able to work around water.

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