Smartphones in the US and some other countries are heavily subsidized, which means that customers only have to pay a few hundred dollars to own a high-end smartphone. Of course this ties them to a two year contract but if you needed the line anyway, it seems like a pretty good deal, right? Unfortunately when it comes to tablet subsidies, there’s not much to be had and customers essentially pay full price for tablets. Now the good news is that if you wanted to get your hands on a new tablet on AT&T’s network, the carrier has announced that they will be offering $100 off any tablet purchased from the carrier’s online store, brick and mortar outlets or any of their agents. Of course this means that you will need to sign up to a plan but $100 off sounds pretty good, especially if you were willing to pay full price to begin with. This promotion is kicking off today but there is no word on when it might end. [Press release]

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