Having wealth is just not good enough these days, as having good health is also something that many people wish they had. While there are many different tools available to us as well as activities to make sure we sweat it out each day, Basis Science has something else to give you an edge – with its Basis Health Tracker that will work in tandem with a cloud-based web service. The Health Tracker is a multisensor device which doubles up as a wristwatch, where it is capable of making sure you know what the current time is, while monitoring your heart rate, sleep patterns, and how much you sweat.

Once it has accumulated the data required, it will then be compiled and presented in a useful manner, allowing you to keep track of your health trends across a period of time. The Health Tracker will retail for $199 a pop, where it relies on a novel optical blood flow sensor in order to keep track of your heart rate. It will shine a light-emitting diode (LED) light into your skin, and measure the light which bounces back in order to know just how much blood is flowing through your veins.

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