ABB and GM has decided that the battery found in the Chevrolet Volt could be reused with practical purposes later – for instance, five Chevrolet Volt battery packs when merged with an ABB inverter and test software was capable of delivering up to two hours of back-up power for three to five average American homes sometime down the road. The on-site demonstration saw the energy storage system run in a “remote power back-up” mode, which meant that 100% of the power for the facility were drawn from Volt batteries via ABB’s Energy Storage Inverter system.

This uninterrupted power supply and grid power balancing system was demonstrated at the GM Electrification Experience in San Francisco. Duke Energy, who is right now the largest power utility in the US, was also there to make an announcement that the ABB-GM prototype will be tested on their grid. The prototype unit on show delivered 25 kW of power and 50 kWh of energy which was enough to run all the support lighting and audiovisual equipment in an “off-grid” structure that was used for the event, is that impressive or what? At least we know that our landfills will be less burdened if electric vehicle batteries can be reused creatively. [Press Release]

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