With the introduction of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the Android operating system has finally received gapless playback for music files as part of its core operations. Technically speaking, this was true, but the stock Google Music app still did not offer gapless playback support, while other independent audio players only supported gapless when they played .ogg files, with other apps relying on their own software so that gapless playback is achieved. Good thing Google Music has finally been updated so that the gapless playback feature has been thrown into the mix, something that quite a fair number of folks have been waiting for all this while.

The app’s latest changelog pointed out that the newest version of Google Music will come with the aforementioned gapless playback in addition to “Instant Mixes” that are based on favorite songs, offline playback improvements, and new automatic playlists. So far, initial impressions for those testing out the gapless playback capability have been above average, and you can strike off one more annoyance from the list – going to show that Google listens to their users and actually does something about it. Good job, guys!

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