Griffin Technology has announced a new range of Lightning cables that range anywhere from as short as two feet, all the way to 3 meters, and you can opt to have them in coiled and straight – depending on your needs, where they will be made available from next week onward. This will be the first batch of third party charge/sync cables from Griffin Technology that will boast of Apple’s spanking new Lightning Connector.

These new cables that feature the Lightning Connector are not only affordable charging solutions, but they were also specially built in order to resist kinks and tangles. The latter could prove to be rather irritating if you are always on the move, and somehow or rather, cables tend to have this irritating sixth sense of getting themselves all tangled up when you’re not looking. These cables will also be compatible with Griffin’s family of PowerBlocks and PowerJolts, in addition to Apple’s USB power adapters. Heck, you can even plug them into a computer’s USB port to synchronize with iTunes.

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