The HondaJet is coming. Finally, after years of waiting, the Honda Aircraft Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Honda Motor Company, is announcing that it will commence production on the HondaJet. At a press conference in Florida, Honda detailed the light jet’s key testing milestones. One of the significant milestones is last year’s series of flight, systems, and structural tests that included crew seat crash tests, speedbrake testing, ultimate load tests, EASA windshield bird strike testing, wind tunnel icing tests, and night lighting testing.

The HondaJet was also able to complete its first series of remote testing to validate the aircraft’s performance under extreme temperatures. Other tests reported are hot fuel testing, which demonstrated the HondaJet fuel system’s ability to supply fuel to the engine during elevated temperatures, and fuselage structure temperature validation that uses static heat soak tests to measure the environmental impact. Honda also conducted a series of engine and electrical system tests that were done at critical accessory loads and temperature environment.

Honda expects to fly the light jet early next year. “An assembly line for HondaJet production is in place, major aircraft components including the fuselage and wing have been produced, and we have started assembly of the first customer aircraft,” said Honda Aircraft President and CEO Michimasa Fujino. “Commencing production is the most important milestone in the HondaJet program to date, with only the future Federal Aviation Administration Type Certification and first customer delivery ranking greater in significance.”

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