You know what they say – a picture speaks a thousand words, and here we are with the Sailfish mobile operating system from Jolla as promised. Jolla claims that the user interface of Sailfish will concentrate on two key focus areas – speed and multitasking, at the same time reducing the amount of time your finger spends dancing all over the touchscreen display of your mobile device.

The new experience is said to begin right from the homescreen itself (if not there, then where, one might wonder?), and users were seen to be able to control music playback or end a call via a simple “pulley” menu system. This is made possible without having to open the respective apps, now how about that? Jolla, the startup that hails from Finland just like Nokia, has also touted that “many” Android apps will play nice with Sailfish smartphones without the need for any modification, although a simple port is always the best way to go around things. What kind of chance do you think that Sailfish will have in the mobile device space?

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